Can I put prescription lenses in a pair of smart glasses frames delivered with Xpert Eye solution ?

It depends on the model of the smart glasses you have purchased. 

Google Glass v1 and v2

This model of glasses is delivered with frames equipped with non-prescription lenses and mounting instructions.

Consult your optician who can prescribe lenses adapted to your vision.

Realwear HMT1 & HMT1-Z1 

Vuzix M300 and Vuzix M400

Fujitsu HMD IOT001

If you wear corrective glasses to use a computer, or protective glasses for your work, continue to wear the same glasses when using these models.

Even if these glasses are designed to work properly with or without corrective or protective glasses, we recommend that you wear protective glasses when using them. 

Some models can be equipped with headband to simplify the use and comfort of your corrective and connected glasses.

Iristick Z1

If your glasses are smaller than 12,6cm, you can wear the Iristick over your regular glasses.

In the opposite case, the manufacturer provides two options :

  • You can use an insertable prescription glasses, which you can click on the inside of the Iristick headset.

  • The safety glasses in Iristick headset itself can be replaced with prescription glasses.

In both cases, an optician has to fit lenses into the frame.

This bezel includes a frame with a protective lens. 

Eye protection marking

For each of the above models, we leave it to you to evaluate the quality of protection to match your PPE criteria.

Some standards can help you in the classification of eye marking EN66, EN169, EN170, EN171, EN172,...

The manufacturer's documentation including information and certificates for each model of glasse are available here.

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