The remote participant can’t hear me.

The reasons why the remote participant cannot hear you can be diverse:

  • Check that the remote participant has speakers or headphones on its equipment.
  • Make sure that the remote participant has not muted his speakers or headphones, invite him to test the sound by playing an audio file.
  • The microphone used by the participant with the glasses is integrated in the connected glasses, check that the glasses are worn near you.
  • Ask the remote participant if he uses any other video conferencing software that could block the microphone (skype, messenger, etc...). Complete closure of these applications can solve this problem.
  • Check if the problem does not come from the glasses microphone. Record a video in standalone mode and play it back to make sure you can hear yourself.

You can also help yourself to the diagnostic help which will detail the steps of resolution to you through this link.

Feel free to contact support at or by phone at +33 (0)2 55 59 09 22.

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