Certain XpertEye advanced functions are not working

StepsPossible cause
1Check that your XpertEye account is not already logged in to XpertEye at the same time as you. (version <3.4.0)
Raise the issue with any other XpertEye users in your organisation.

If you are unable to contact them and know your remote contact's login details, log out your user on your dedicated smartphone.  

Log in using a different account within your organisation, via a Chrome browser installed on an authorized PC, and check that your user appears in the list.

If the problem persists, move on to the next step.
2Recent versions of XpertEye (3.4.0 and later) include a system that checks your XpertEye account utilisation status at login.
Please updated your dedicated smartphone, following this procedure (private access).
If this final check does not fix the problem, contact AMA Customer Support.  

This topic explains the appropriate procedure.

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