How to change the language of my Chrome browser

The language choice with XpertEye is settled automatically regarding the language used with the Chrome browser.

Available languages are at the moment : English, French, German, Spanish.

If the language browser is not one of them, XpertEye will use English by default.

Here is how to change the Chrome browser language : 

1. Open the Chrome menu with the 3 verticals points on the top right of the browser, then click on Settings.
2. Scroll dow until Languages, then click on the arrow the current language.

3. Available languages will be shown, you just have to chose the language you would like to have by clicking on the 3 verticals points of the choosen language.
Then click on "Display Google Chrome in this language"
4. You will just click on Relaunch after.

Notes : It will restart your browser but you will your opened tabs.

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