Recommanded steps when you encounter a bug on your dedicated smartphone/glasses(Advanced) or observer device (Lite)

Here are the differents steps we recommand you to follow when you encounter a bug : 

  1. Let the bug as you discovered it, don't try to reload the application or shutdown smartphone/glasses.
  2. Note the differents actions which occure the bug.
  3. If an error message appeared, please take a screenshot of the message.
  4. If the bug is on observer side (Lite), note the Chrome version of the device (Chrome Menu > Help > About Google Chrome)
  5. If the bug is on smartphone side (Advanced), note the impacted device (smartphone, glasses, external device..) and XE version of the dedicated smartphone (XE Menu > About).
  6. Contact the support.

N.B : If the dedicated smartphone battery is 15% of charge or below, unplug the glasses and plug the smartphone to power source.

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