The XpertEye call is cut short after a few seconds.

StepsPossible cause(e)Solution(s)
1Is your Internet connection stable?

Check with your IT department that you have all the necessary rights relating to the XpertEye servers. In many cases, a few firewall/proxy settings must be configured.  

The technical documentation available here (private access) explains the settings that must be configured. Provide this documentation to your organisation's IT department.

If the problem persists, move on to the next step.
2Are the video and audio operating correctly?
Refer to the content of the previous topics:

The remote user cannot see the video stream of the user equipped with the RealWear Glasses.

The remote user cannot hear audio from the user of the RealWear Glasses.

If the problem persists after taking the requested action, move on to the next step.
3Do all XpertEye Essential functions (without exception) operate correctly? 
Note that your XpertEye account can be logged in on a single device at a time. Before attempting to login on a secondary device, make sure you have logged out from the first device to avoid any errors.
If this is unsuccessful, contact AMA Customer Support.

This topic explains the appropriate procedure.

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