As the remote user, I cannot hear audio from the dedicated device user

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Possible cause
Your computer may be responsible for the audio problem.

Ensure that your loudspeakers are turned on, then check that your computer's audio output has not been muted and is set to an adequate volume level.  

Check that the volume level specific to the application is set high enough in your operating system's audio volume properties.  

If the problem persists, move on to the next step.
The problem may be due to audio being inhibited by another video-conferencing application, as explained in the previous topic: 
The remote user cannot see the video stream of the user equipped with the dedicated phone. 
If the problem persists after taking the requested action, move on to the next step.
3Note that the remote contact's microphone is generally installed in or near the camera in their smart glasses.
Check that the remote contact is close enough to the microphone.  

With Android, check that the mobile phone's audio output has not been muted and that the volume is set to an adequate level. The microphone audio level is not adjustable in the settings.

In XpertEye, open the Settings and check the microphone selection settings. You can choose between two sources: either the microphone in the smart glasses or the microphone in the telephone.

 Note: If you use a hands-free kit, disconnect it before performing your tests.
4    If the audio function appears to be operational on your side, ask the glasses wearer to make a video in standalone mode. It is important to record audio events while making this video.  When the video is finished, it is important to play it back, to check that the audio was recorded correctly.
This problem can sometimes be fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting the glasses.  

Make another video in standalone mode, to validate the previously recorded audio playback.  

If this final check does not fix the problem, contact AMA Customer Support.  

This topic explains the appropriate procedure.

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